Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 6

Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 6

Most of life’s moments are better in slow motion. If you don’t believe me, go watch a baby biting into a lemon for the first time. Or two giraffes neck-whipping each other to impress a female. But the best example is an athlete testing his vertical.

You know the video. The jumper stands in place, next to a metal bar that extends vertically from the ground to well over the jumper’s head. Near the top of the bar, multi-colored slats jet out perpendicularly. Each slat is a foot long, an inch wide, and stacked directly above and/or below its neighboring slat(s). The stack makes up the final two feet of the metal pole and hovers directly above the jumper.

In a swift motion, the jumper squats down and swings his arms back. His arms come forward like a pendulum and propel over his head as he explodes out of the crouch and leaps into the air. At his highest point, the jumper slaps the slats with one of his hands–the higher up the slats the better. Finally, the jumper lands.

This whole process takes five seconds in real-time. But in slo-mo, it’s closer to 20 seconds. And vertical test jumps, good and bad, are much more fun to watch in slow motion.

Last week, my training at Onnit Gym shifted focus to improved vertical and explosive movements. Onnit even set me up to work with former Texas Longhorns running back Jeremy Hills, whose duties at Onnit include preparing former college athletes for their NFL workouts.

Of course, this meant I had to make a slow-mo video of my vertical test, which I posted to Twitter late last week. Well, videos…

I intentionally flubbed the first take, grazing the bottom slat with my finger nail. The jump measured 17 inches. With as much as I talk about playing volleyball, I knew people would enjoy seeing my George Costanza-level hops. And they did.

Later in the day, I tweeted out the real video of my real (and less pathetic) 28.5-inch vertical. That’s my starting point, with a goal of reaching 35 inches. And thanks to Jeremy, my trainer Chris Maranon, and the great resources at Onnit Gym, I will get there.


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Trey Elling

February 25th, 2018

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