Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 5

Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 5

I’ve never been too concerned with my vaginal flora because, well, I don’t have a vagina. But I once received a suggestion on how to best support my optimal vagina flora.

How trusting are you of someone working in the health and beauty department at a grocery store? I generally try to give whoever is helping me the benefit of the doubt. But it’s good to keep in mind he or she may have started working there three months ago.

Typically, novices admit they are new to the job and seek out a veteran presence for help. It’s those employees with a moderate knowledge base and the ability to bullshit that you have to be careful of.

I speak from experience, having sold cheese at Whole Foods for more than a year. You’re looking for a soft French with an edible rind and moderate stench? How about THIS cheese (whose name I hopefully don’t butcher in a way that causes you to question whether I can tell the difference between cheddar and feta). That was me, three months into the job.

Years later at that same Whole Foods, I stared blankly at the probiotic selection in the refrigerated area of health and beauty. Eventually, I sought out help from a guy who was stocking body wash.

“Do you have a good probiotic suggestion for someone who has never taken one before?” I asked.

He responded without missing a beat. “Definitely. I like this one a lot.”

In retrospect, this was a classic move by a three-monther. Make a quick decision without offering up any actual information. Had I asked even one, basic question in return, his jig would’ve been up.

But I didn’t ask any questions. I just thanked him and headed toward checkout.

While waiting in line for my turn with the cashier, I took a closer look at the bottle. So many millions of bacteria! Countless digestive benefits! And it supports optimal vaginal flora! Wait…what? Good for supporting optimal vaginal flora? Ah damnit, I’d been had. It’s what I get for selling Epoisses to that unsuspecting customer. Out of embarrassment, I placed the product down on a magazine rack and left the store.

Years later, I’m a wiser to the ways of supplementation, which is another big reason why I enjoy the Horn’s current partnership with Onnit Gym. Onnit’s global popularity is fueled by their supplement line. Their products consist of earth-grown nutrients and scientifically-proven ingredients.

Before working out at Onnit, I was already a regular user of their MCT oil, krill oil, and spirulina and chlorella. Five weeks into this fitness challenge, I’ve tried a number of their other products, including the vitamin D3 spray, strong bone support, and the Total Gut Health.

Total Gut Health includes probiotics, enzymes, and probiotics, and is designed to help support optimal digestion and healthy gut flora. That’s right, healthy GUT flora. Thank you, Onnit.


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Trey Elling

February 19th, 2018

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