Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 4

Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 4

Who started the before-and-after picture phenomenon? You know what I’m talking about–the side-by-side photos of the same person. The one on the left taken in terrible lighting the morning after pulling an all-nighter drinking milkshakes and playing Candy Crush. The one on the right snapped in a Glamor Shots studio and touched up by an Playboy editor.

I tried googling “history of before and after pictures”. The first item that popped up was the Titanic. The…Titanic? Did some sicko use a ‘before’ image consisting of a black-and-white photo of a large boat and an ‘after’ that was nothing more than an iceberg in the sprawling ocean? Alas, the link contained pictures of the boat before its ill-fated voyage paired with random shots of the Titanic from the bottom of the ocean.

This week, I had to take my ‘before’ picture at Onnit Gym. Yes, doing so a third of the way thru a three-month, ‘new year, new you’ challenge isn’t ideal. But it’s a lot easier to tell yourself you’ll take such a photo than actually doing it.

This Tuesday, I apologetically asked my trainer, Chris, to take my ‘before’ photo. Chris is a mellow, accommodating dude, so he said it wouldn’t be a problem. He snapped two pictures of me in the group fitness studio, next to a screaming gorilla graphic on one of the walls. One facing the camera, and the other with me turned to the left.

Initially, I planned on unveiling these photos as part of this blog post. But then someone on the Horn’s text line pointed out that you don’t usually see the ‘before’ without the ‘after’. That’s all the justification I needed to succumb to my own insecurity.

In nine weeks, I promise you will see the how I looked on February 6th versus April 12th. Until then, you’ll just have to trust me. Onnit Gym is kicking my ass in all the right ways. The combination of flexibility and strength training already has me looking better. And more importantly, Onnit has me feel better, too.


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Trey Elling

February 8th, 2018

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