Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 3

Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 3

Regret is a powerful thing. One of my biggest regrets in life is passing on a Soul Train-style dance line at an Aloe Blaac concert a few years back. Which is why I didn’t ignore the chance to try out to become an honorary member of DBU at Onnit Gym this week, even if the former Longhorns defensive backs had no idea what was going on. Let me explain…

This week’s workout at Onnit Gym included 20 minutes of a circuit consisting of 20 reverse lunges, 10 lat pulls using Olympic Rings, and 10 pushup. On Tuesday, I performed the circuit in front of a who’s who of Texas Longhorn DBU alumni. ‘DBU’ stands for Defensive Back University. Plenty of schools stake claim to this title, most notably LSU and Florida. But considering the overall quality and quantity of cornerbacks and safeties that Texas has put into the NFL over time, UT is the true DBU. All of the former UT players in my proximity were current (or in one case, soon-to-be) NFLers, each of whom utilizes Onnit Gym as a way to stay in shape during the offseason. Who can blame them. Onnit is world-renowned, and headquartered right here in Austin.

These guys were all chatting just several feet away from where my trainer, Chris, had me set up. As a big Longhorn fan and someone who fancies himself as a free safety in another, football-playing life, I decided to use the stage as a chance to show them that I have what it takes to be part of DBU. Sure I just turned 40 and my 40-time would be considered slow for a lineman. But maybe, just maybe, if I performed this 20-minute circuit well enough, they might wonder who I was and ask whether I possess any college eligibility. This is how I envision the conversation going on my end:

What’s that, fellas? Actually, I have FOUR years of eligibility remaining! You’re going to pass my name along to Tom Herman? That’s cool. Hey, do you guys wanna go play some sand volleyball this weekend? Kick ass…I’ll get a group text going and we’ll figure out a day/time that works well for everyone!

Through the first ten minutes of the circuit, things were going well. But on the last few pushups of my fifth circuit, I could feel my triceps experiencing muscle failure. At that point, I had a decision to make on the next round of pushups: struggle through ten reps of regular pushups, or look smooth doing the pushups from my knees.

That latter idea is more absurd than it reads. But when you’re fatigued, rationale is compromised. And so I finished out the circuit doing pushups from my knees. Whereas the DBU contingent remained in place throughout the first ten minutes of the workout, they dispersed once the knee pushups began. Sure it was probably a total coincidence. But what if it wasn’t? What if I just blew my chance to become a member of DBU?

Delusional? Absolutely. But you can be assured that I won’t ever perform another pushup from my knees again, with or without an audience of former Texas football players around.



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Trey Elling

February 2nd, 2018

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