Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 2

Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 2

My second week at Onnit Gym began with the news that I was getting a new trainer. Chris was replacing Aharon.

But why would my trainer change after two workouts? I’m guessing it’s one of three things: training radio employees burned him out, he’s offended by last week’s blog, or he’s simply interested in other avenues at Onnit. Let’s take a deeper look at the possibilities…


Between the constant supply of free, not-very-good-for-you food and sitting in the same spot for hours on end while speaking into a microphone, people in radio are notorious for not taking care of themselves. That means many of us ‘projects’ for personal trainers, even during the ‘new year, new you’ time of year.

But those of us from ARN participating in this Onnit challenge (Eric Raines and Mel Hering from KOKE-FM, Ray Gonzales from the RodCast, and me) are exceptions to the industry stereotype. We’re all in ok shape, even Ray. Yes, he puked twice during the initial fitness assessment. Truth be told, I felt like puking when it was over with, too. Regardless, Onnit welcomes a variety of people with vastly different goals. Their trainers are ready to help anyone achieve their desired results. That humility carries over from those who work at the gym to those who work out at the gym. Not once have I felt judged for awkwardly moving toward muscle memory and greater strength with the instructed exercises and/or stretches.

If we didn’t burn Aharon out, was he…


If you didn’t read last week’s, expletive-filled write-up, DO IT NOW.

And the answer is no. Even if he is British, there’s no way that misdiagnosing his accent as Australian would cause him to quit on us. For the record, I WOULD quit on someone who confused my Texas accent as Canadian. But Aharon isn’t a quitter. He and I exchanged pleasantries this week, including a fist-bump. That’s right, we dapped. We’re good. Which leads us to…


Our contact behind the scenes at Onnit, Aimee, said he was moving out of personal training to pursue a different avenue with the company. There’s no reason not to trust Aimee. Even if she’s Canadian, I trust her…FOR NOW.

As for this week’s workout, it was a more strenuous version of the first week. We started out doing a full-body warm up. Then deadlifts with scorpion stretches between sets. Following that, we went through a fifteen-minute circuit of reverse squat lunges, lat pulls using Olympic rings, and pushups. I may have been on my knees for the pushups, during the final five minutes of the circuit. We finished the hour cooling down with light exercises and stretching.

According to Chris, the routine is changing next week. I’m looking forward to it. Until then, check out There is a ton of great info, videos, and more to help you get your health and wellbeing going in a different direction.

Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 1

Trey Elling

January 27th, 2018

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