Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 10

Trey’s #getONNIT Blog – Week 10

Back in December, a group of us from the Austin Radio Network met with the great people who run Onnit Gym about a possible partnership. We converged at their business offices, which is connected to the gym.

After a formal meeting in a conference room, we were given a tour of the workout facilities. During the walkthrough, I saw an inversion table. As someone with chronic back pain, I’ve always been curious about inversion tables. So I made a mental note to try it out, if we ended up partnering with Onnit.

Fast-forward to Tuesday, April 10th. As I finished a workout (my second-to-last at Onnit Gym) and stood up to leave, I noticed a nearby area that was filled with workout equipment. Among the clutter was that inversion table. And it dawned on me: I hadn’t thought once about it since December.

Thanks to the combination of durability-, flexibility-, and strength training I’ve gone through at Onnit Gym over the last 13 weeks, my back is feeling great. That’s not to say that the occasional massage can’t help, too. But I’m extremely grateful that Onnit reminded me of another benefit to getting myself in shape the right way.


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Trey Elling

April 11th, 2018

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