Texas Card House Poker Tournament

Horn Bash Poker Tournament Presented by Texas Card House

How To Enter Poker Tournament

There is no purchase necessary for Poker Tournament but a Horn Bash ticket must be purchased in order to enter the venue. The Poker Tournament will have 6 games each day with up to 10 people per game and one championship game at the end of each day. The time slots are first come, first serve and the time slot will be removed from the form once it is filled. Please select the time slot you wish to participate in by filling out the form below.

Game Rules

The Texas Card House Horn Bash Single Table Tournaments

Starting Stacks: 5k chips, no add-ons, and no re-entry

The winner of each Single Table Tournament earns a seat at the Final Table Tournament at the end of each day

Blind Structure

Level 1 100 – 200

Level 2 200 – 400

Level 3 300 – 600

Level 4 500 – 1000

Level 5 800 – 1600

Level 6 1000 – 2000

1500 – 3000

2000 – 4000


1st place, Single Table Tournaments: TBD by The Horn

2nd place, Single Table Tournaments: TBD by The Horn

1st place, Final Table Tournaments: TBD by the Horn

B&E Bud Light