Live & Local in the ATX

With Erin Hogan, Eric Raines & Monte Williams

From Kyle to Georgetown, from Bastrop to Spicewood, Live and Local in the ATX focuses on sports, music, the best hang-outs, the biggest cook-offs, and all things ATX.

Erin Hogan was born in Akron, Ohio and was raised on a steady diet of Ohio football – the Buckeyes, the Browns and, just up the road in Canton, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After moving to Texas at the age of 8, he immersed himself in Houston sports — the Oilers, the Astros and the U of H Cougars. Even before graduating from St. Edward’s University in 1996, he had established his name on Austin sports radio as a producer. Since then he has worked on-air at several popular stations leading Austin’s daily sports conversation.

In January of 2008, he took over as the Program Director of The Horn, Austin’s first FM sports talk station. With raw, honest and insightful commentary, Erin manages to maintain an unbiased perspective that has served him well among an audience of rabid sports fans. His likable, conversational approach has earned him a place as one of the most respected and listened-to sports voices in Texas.

Erin is married to his beautiful college sweetheart and they have three great kids. He enjoys playing golf and hanging at Doc’s with a Bud Light.

Eric was born and raised right here in Texas! He has a little different perspective on radio because he has been on both sides of it -behind the mic of course, and he spent 15 years of his life on and off the road with different bands. He played drums with Ty England for 3 years and even got to play several times with Garth Brooks Stillwater band. After that it was on the road with Rick Trevino and even had a brief stint with Cory Morrow.

He finally gave up on that dream after kids arrived in his life. He still plays on the weekends with a local cover band Sprung. He started his radio career here in Central Texas and he feels lucky to be back working in the area he has lived in since he was four.

His radio career has spanned 15 years and in that time he was a innovator of the medium. While working for Starsystem, he was the first person to send a Voice Track in the new modern radio world. He was also proud to host The Music Series in Austin for 6 years.

Eric Raines….DJ, Producer, Father, Musician and Fancy Jeans Lover.

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