Horn Bash Washer Tournament

How to Enter

Follow the link below and be sure to purchase the Washer Tournament Package, which includes (2) 2-day tickets + entry for both you and your teammate into the Horn Bash Washer Tournmanent.


Horn Bash Washer Tournament brought to you by Deer Run Chauffeur Services

Game Rules

Texas Washers Association Rules of Play

Scoring is 1 point for being on the board, 3 points if you are leaning over the edge of the cup (any amount) and 5 if you are in the cup.   Only one team score per toss.  All points closer than the opponent’s closest washer are counted.  If a holer is covered, all other points closest to your opponent’s closest washer are counted.  Leaners (any amount) cancel each other out.  


Tournament rules


Tournament will be single elimination

The “skunk” rule and the “bust” rule will not apply in any TWA tournament.

If there is a dispute in scoring during the tournament a TWA official will make the final call.  


At least one team member must wear the wristbands provided to them during the sign-up process.  The wristband will have your team number.  During the tournament, players need to stay around or close to the event.  TWA members will flash team numbers to indicate who is next to play.  If the team does not show up, we will attempt one call to the cell number provided, after which the team will have 5 minutes to get to the tournament grounds.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.


The winners of each game are responsible to get the results to the TWA member inside the pit area.

Questions regarding the Washer Tournament:

Email Kristina Killingsworth –  


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