Ray Gonzales

Ray Gonzales

Originally from Corpus Christi, TX, Ray grew up watching, playing and loving sports. He pretty much came out of his mother’s womb with a Cowboy’s jersey on. He has always been the type of guy to go against the grain a little bit, so while all his family and friends were Spurs fans, Ray made the decision as a nine-year-old when he saw Kobe Bryant win the dunk contest that he was going to become a Lakers fan and till this day bleeds purple and gold.

In 2012, while working for FedEx and just kind of getting by, Ray realized he needed to make a big change in order for his life to go in a direction he would be proud of. So without telling anyone of his family or friends, he applied for a transfer and decided he was moving to Austin. Ray was so set on this plan that if he didn’t have a place to stay he would just live in his truck until he could get settled on his feet. Now fortunately for Ray, his aunt took him into her home with open arms.

Once in Austin, Ray started taking classes at Austin Community College in Marketing and Media. He also started an internship with a local music production company and helped them put on shows and festivals throughout Texas. He made great relationships during that time and one of those relationships got him his first job as a promotions assistant for a corporate radio station. While working for that company, Ray was a utility player and learned as much about every position in order to grow and understand the industry from the inside out.

Ray eventually got his position with Austin Radio Network in 2017 and has taken advantage of every opportunity given to him. He is currently 104.9 The Horn’s Promotions and Events Coordinator, Producer/Co-host of the RODcast, and Co-host of the weekend Fantasy Sports Show.

In his spare time, Ray will enjoy a day out on a hiking trail or go to a concert. He really enjoys listening to rap music, especially Kanye West and pretty much any type of competitive activity, whether it be running marathons or playing a game of basketball.

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