Adam Wagner

Adam Wagner

Adam Wagner “Wags” was born in Frederick, MD, and spent most of his years in the town of Brunswick, MD and Baltimore. Most summers Wags would spend his time crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay while listening to whatever sports game his grandfather had broadcasting on their dock. He became quite the traditional Baltimore sports fan that ate crabs and watched the O’s. With the Colts leaving town, and Wags being ignorant (toddler), he oddly grew up rooting for the Giants thinking they were the Baltimore Colts. Before Wags knew it, he was captivated by play of Lawrence Taylor, and charisma of the Tuna and Wags was in a New York groove.

Growing up, Wags played football, basketball, baseball, hockey and lacrosse. After failing as a pro athlete, actor and rock star, Wags enlisted in the Marines in 2002. He served in the infantry for 11 years. Since Wags was usually stationed away from home, he was rarely able to watch his favorite sports teams. This led to Wags’ obsession with fantasy sports. After his service in the Marines, Wags was accepted and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Government. After a brief time in politics, Wags realized the error of his ways and was looking for a new career.

While stuck in Austin traffic, Wags stumbled on the voices of Chad Hastings and Kevin Dunn. Suddenly he became that boy again that spent most of his summers crabbing and listening to games on his grandfather’s radio. In January of 2017, Wags became an intern for Mornings With Bucky and Erin, where he had the opportunity to learn the production side of the house from Brad Kellner “B.K.” He is currently the producer for Midday With Trey and B.K., and hosts his fantasy sports show, The Wagner Wire.

Wags created his own fantasy sports company, The Wagner Wire in 2015 as a project while he was attending UT. A close friend gave the idea to him while they were watching their kids at soccer practice. Classic! The Wagner Wire now serves as one of the best daily fantasy sports content providers in the industry and has four writers on its staff. In 2015, his crew hit for ten thousand dollars on DraftKings and has been a reputable source for fantasy sports.

Wags is a proud husband and proud father of one awesome dude. He digs a good party, good music and good people. Whenever Wags isn’t entrenched in sports, he enjoys family time, snowboarding, mountain biking, shooting hoops and getting owned by his kid in Madden

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